Last December, I had the privilege of traveling to LA with some very close friends of mine, Me Like Bees. They were recording with John Feldmann (the producer of 5SoS, amongst others), and I was tagging along and visiting my buddy Wes, who moved to LA a few months prior.

On the way back, and after their recording session, I was talking to them about how it went, and how the business side of music is just the worst thing possible. At that time, my producer and I were sending stuff back and forth, working on new material, and he sent me what became LRH / YL. I remember just being so discouraged about so many different things, and it just hit me. Thoughts tend to do that, on a 22hr straight drive across the country. I was so close to giving up, so close to never making music again because I know that no one cares. No one cares near enough as much as I do about what I do. No one cares that I spent 8 months on this song/video, planning every part of it out so we could make a great product. Because it won’t matter. I’ll still be in the same position I’m in now, after it gets released. And have put EVERY. SINGLE. THING. I am into it. But no one cares. It truly was a long road home.

And after all this, after being probably the most sad and depressed I’ve been, I had the realization: it’s not about me. The only reason I’m getting down and depressed about all of this is because I’m thinking about it from my perspective. I’m making my music and it’s effects all about me.

So I decided I needed to start over. My mindset needed change. I needed to be born again. And that is the full story of Long Road Home / Your Life.

available on iTunes here

So I want to ask you this:

what thing in your life have you become attached to, that you need to let go of? 

what thing in your life do you love, but it’s keeping you from being a better person?

what thing can’t you imagine your life without?

what thing defines you, that is weighing you down?

Is it greed? Is it lust? Is it your selfishness? Is it someone who wronged you, that you need to forgive?

Let me know. I want to hear your stories. I want to help you or hear you begin again, or start over. I will reply to every single person. Email me:

special shout out to an organization that I serve on the Camp Organizing Committee for, and is very close to my heart, Camp Quality Ozarks.  September is Childhood Cancer awareness month. Hair donated to Children With Hair Loss. To find out how you can help a child start over, go to