I’m Be A Seek Ay

For as long as I can remember, this is what i’ve wanted to do. If I couldn’t play basketball, being a musical artist was definitely next in line. Just the ability to speak into peoples lives; from wherever however and whenever is such a powerful thing. Not only that, but it’s also a blast. Check out some vintage j-thrill footage, featuring a hot freestyle in the garage.

i’m be a seek ay

freestyle lyrics:

(circa 2004)

growing up in the woods

you’d never think i would

make hip-hop records but i’ll show you that you should

think again, but i will not pretend

i won’t be who you think a rapper is with this pen

i’m growing up, so i think it will be tough

but I will climb to the top of everest and never rest, sure enough

i’ll back again, without smoking that kush

two-terms, double trouble, yea i’m George Bush

winning, winning. you cannot carry (kerry) me

MVP of the finals, just call me Chauncey

i’ll be getting my bill-ups in no time

as long as i stay true to who I was designed

to be, it’s me,

one thrill at a time

i’m killing these rhymes

with every line that I sign


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