Last night was CRAZY. Spent the day in Dearing, KS with my awesome crew (shout out wes, McThunder, and Z-Rex) and with Social Club. My set went so well, and if you were there and drove 1 hr (more in some cases) just to see your boy do his thing, thank you so much for coming. The place was packed and everyone really got into it, i feel like we took it to another level last night. Thanks for making it happen. If you weren’t there (or if you were too) and want to see some pics, as always, head over to the snapshots page.

Aug 22

An update on the ‘Heroic’ front, i’m off to Oklahoma City to record the rest of the record (shout out Ezzy J). I’m mega excited to get this stuff done and into your hands/ears. We’ll be filming some promo footage so keep your eyes peeled for all of that as well. Thank you so much for caring, for listening, and for keeping me going. Thrillers R Lyfe.




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