Had a nice show last night at The Salvage Yard in Joplin, MO. Lots of familiar and new faces were out there and i wanted to say thank you all for coming. If you picked up a shirt, cd, sticker, future concert tickets, or anything thank you so much for supporting what i do. It’s because of you that i can continue to have so much fun doing what i feel like i’ve been called to do.

If you came out you rule and i really really hope you dug what you heard. Thank you so much for asking for one more song, and allowing me to debut a song off of ‘Heroic’. I hope you liked that as well, and i hope it tides you over till the album drops. If you wanna see some pics from last night there’s plenty on the Snapshots page.

In other (but related) news, got another show with Social Club coming up this Friday! If you want tickets, or a VIP pass, they’re now up on the online store.

photo 1




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