Thrill Thursday #6

I’ve always loved the beat on Wiz’s ‘Medicated’ so that’s what this week is. Rappin’ about rap, so shout out to my homie Shad K.

Also this sees the announcement of the fact that i’ll be making all the ‘Thrill Thursday’s available on a (completely free) EP, coming soon. The cover art is here, taken by my great friend Caleb Shoemake (@cshoelace). I’m excited for you guys to be able to listen to them whenever/wherever you want.

TT cover

and the Kickstarter (if you haven’t heard or forgot) is still going! we still have plenty of awesome rewards left to give away, even though we hit our goal! so head over there if you’re trying to get your hands on a baseball tee, stickers, EP’s, and much more! Thank you thank you thank you


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