Kickstarter (coming soon)

No doubt you’ve seen the new J-Thrill Music merch i’ve been posting about. The baseball tees turned out SO GOOD (s/o Josh Evans of Joplin Screen Printing) and the vinyl stickers are dope as well. That being said, i’m trying to get this stuff in your guys’ (and gals’) hands.

The way i’ve decided to do this is through a ‘Kickstarter’. For those of you who don’t know, Kickstarter is a great website that many people use to fund projects, ideas, products, etc. That being said, if you are wanting to get a baseball tee, stickers, and MUCH MORE this is how you’ll want to do it. Not only will you be rewarded with those great perks, you’ll also be backing the funding of the new album!

The full-length album is going to cost much more than my previous EP, ‘Twins’, so that’s exactly where you guys will come in. I’m asking for your guys’ (and gals’) help to back the new album. The J-Thrill Music team and i have worked really hard to make the perks of backing the project worth it. There are different levels of backing, $5, $10, $25, $50, etc and with each level, there are even COOLER rewards.

Anyway, the plan is to launch the Kickstarter towards the end of this week, and there’ll be a video with more info, all the levels and rewards, etc on the actual Kickstarter webpage (which i will post here once it’s launched). It will most likely run all the way through June and if we don’t hit the goal (of $750) then YOU won’t be out the money (you are actually just PLEDGING it, and if we hit the goal then you’ll be able to pay it and receive the awesome rewards) and if we don’t hit the goal I also won’t be able to fund the new album. SAD DAY.

So please get psyched about this Kickstarter, and i’m sincerely excited to get the ball rolling. I wouldn’t even be here without you guys, so i want to say thank you for even allowing me to be this invested in my music and my message.

PS. new snapshot pics up of the Kickstarter video shoot, merch pics, and just general more behind the scenes awesome stuff. HERE




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