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Thrill Thursday #7/EP Download

So the last Thrill Thursday is upon us. It’s been a great run. I hope you guys enjoyed them all, and a special shout to JShaughn for helping birth this idea. So happy to have you on the team. The last one is embedded below, and all of them have been put on a free EP for you guys. Just click the album art underneath the video to be taken to the page.

download the EP for free here (just click the little download arrows on each track) :

TT cover

Thank you so much for listening/downloading/posting/supporting in any way. It means the world.




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Live CD now available

So at the end of January i had a show at JB’s Piano Bar here in Joplin, MO. If you were there, you know it was a night to be remembered. There were more people than i could have predicted, and i felt like the band and i really brought our A game. Ron Savage from JB’s mic’d everything up before the show and recorded it from start to finish… and i’m super jacked to let you know that the live CD is here!

Featuring all my stupid, sometimes pointless banter between songs, crowd cheering (which makes my heart smile every time i hear it), this is the show in its entirety. I’ve made it exclusively available on my bandcamp page (clickable there, but the link is also on the ‘Music’ page) because i could set the price. If i put it up on iTunes it would’ve priced it at $8 and i don’t want you to have to pay that much for it. On bandcamp you’ll be able to download the whole show for $4. It’s cheap and it’s awesome. Go ahead and go to the page and listen to it! You can listen to it for free, and just click download to buy it and download it (then you can put it on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc) just as you would through iTunes, except for cheaper!

live from jb's

And don’t forget that the ‘Thrill Thursday’ EP will be coming out this Thursday (along with the last Thrill Thursday) for FREEEEEEEE! That’s going to be exciting. So 15 new tracks from yours truly are coming out this week. I hope you enjoy.
Also if you forgot or have been meaning to and just haven’t yet, the Kickstarter is still going on, which means you still have a chance to get your hands on a J-Thrill Music baseball tee! here:



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Thrill Thursday #6

I’ve always loved the beat on Wiz’s ‘Medicated’ so that’s what this week is. Rappin’ about rap, so shout out to my homie Shad K.

Also this sees the announcement of the fact that i’ll be making all the ‘Thrill Thursday’s available on a (completely free) EP, coming soon. The cover art is here, taken by my great friend Caleb Shoemake (@cshoelace). I’m excited for you guys to be able to listen to them whenever/wherever you want.

TT cover

and the Kickstarter (if you haven’t heard or forgot) is still going! we still have plenty of awesome rewards left to give away, even though we hit our goal! so head over there if you’re trying to get your hands on a baseball tee, stickers, EP’s, and much more! Thank you thank you thank you

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